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    Hey, I like the show of patriotism playing for Team USA.

    Then again, I also like winning. And [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] can't win games on their backs.

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    Yo if you're gonna ban the idiot over the Afro american comment you gotta ban the guy that said the European potato eater comment, I'm irish (which is in Europe) and thousands of thousands of my fellow countrymen and women died in the famine of 1845 when the potato crop failed, which was our only source of food available to us cause the brits that occupied our land kept everything else. i find it highly offensive if we are gonna be all strict about, although I take most things with a grain of salt, whatever, do what you wanna do but was the potato eater thing relevant to anything or needed to be put out there? Just saying.
    Please bring back the NYK intro from the 1994 Finals...PLEASE!!!!

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    It's a smart and investing move. I mean look at Lee he's already injured himself after the first training camp. I would hate to see Amare get hurt before the Knicks' training camp even started.

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    thank god he stepped this is a big ole whew since amare is injury prone.dont want another allan houston up in here.

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