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The summary of my thoughts is....

Get Paul now if we don't have to take on bad contracts like Okafor and maybe Posey. Getting bad contracts = no Melo.

If we can't, then play out the season and make a run for Melo and Paul/DWill later. Who knows? Felton might turn into a beast as well. DWill is my favorite PG by far right now though. Guy has no weaknesses, unlike Paul.
If we are forced to take on Okafor's contract its not the end of the world. In that case, I would not be willing to give up Gallo or Randolph however. Amare would certainly benefit from playing alongside Okafor.

We could then build a team around Paul, Gallo, Randolph, Amare, and Okafor. We would still have Felton as someone who could backup Paul or possible play in the the backcourt with him. That team would be ready to win right now and will get better and better as Gallo and Randolph grow as players.