New Orleans new GM has history with Thomas.... COuld this be our break to get CP3?


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By Tommy Dee on Jul 23, 2010, 3:50 pm
Update 4:54

Kay says a source said that had Isiah been part of the discussions Lebron likely would have chosen NY. Also, Isiah isn’t being considered as GM because of PR hit.

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Dan LeBatard Show

No joke- inside source telling us that Isiah Thomas flew into Ocean City, NJ airport today & met w/ highest levels of Knicks management.

So Michael Kay has jumped on the Isiah stuff and here’s what we know. Dell Demps was given a significant promotion by Isiah Thomas in 2004. What I don’t understand is how he can broker any deal here. Demps answers to ownership. The Knicks, with or without Isiah, can propose a pretty strong offer. I understand the relationship with the owner, what I don’t understand is this need for Isiah because of his relationship the younger generation of players. Stephen A. Smith, and now Michael Kay, have both now stated that the thought is Zeke has “influence over the young African American players” in today’s NBA.

Kay said Paul has modeled his game after Isiah. CP3 was literally 3 Isiah was winning rings. And there is no evidence that Paul has ever said he wanted to be Isiah 2.0, actually 3.0 after Marbury, anywhere.

Essentially somewhere, someone is trying to re-establish Isiah as a “power broker” or is trying to make Isiah look good for helping the Knicks specifically with Amar’e.

It’s pretty clear, to me, that person is none other than the owner.