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After the last two season of coaching with not one "design play" other
then 3-ball shooting, a coach that forces players to be individual offensive players to
get points in the paint, plus not producing a set zone defense to get back
on, and u calling me pessimistic ................

I wrote David Lee ceiling is as high as Amare.
We all know Amare is a high scorer (with Nash), and Lee is not.
Lee have other team contributions in his performance inwhich we
all seen consistently for 4 years straight that Amare do not have in
his talent.
Although, Amare may have the edge over Lee but its not that much
when it comes to team performance.
So many NBA fans is waiting to see Amare without Nash.

Have u watched the Bobcats the past 5 years?
I doubt it.
u got it twisted with Nate Robinson, for five years Nate has never been
in the same lineup of players on this Knick roster.
Nate's job has been coming off the bench with every new player
added to the Knick roster or rotation.
And still Nate's performance each season were better than a
starting Felton whom had the same players in his lineup.
What it balls down to are all losers fans/players/coaches always look for a scapegoat/someone else to take the blame.

Yes' I mention Darko as a Starter, and I felt his rebounding and
great-passing skills wouldve been a decent starter in a lineup with
PF-Lee, SF-Chandler, SG-Hughes, PG-Duhon.
That was suppose to be the Knicks 82 game starting lineup last season.
But Damntoni decided to TANK the season by putting Gallo in the starting lineup which resulted in the worst start in the history of the Knick organization (1-11 start).
Darko/Curry/Duhon are decent starters but poor finishers,
so they are 18 to 24 mpg role players on a team.
Starting is one thing, its your finishers that win games.

For u to say Jordan Hill is a project which I do agree,
but guess what? so is Gallo/Randolph/Walker/and Douglas.

Well, say what you want about plays these past two years. I may not have watched the bobcats the last 5 years, but I did watch the Suns. And I know D'antoni has good offensive schemes that he just could not and would not use with our team. Also, Zone defense is not a great defense for the NBA especially when you don't have a shut down defender in the paint or a PG that pressures the ball well. Either way I expect that sub patterns, and plays in crunch time are dramatically improved this year now that we have a real PG.

David Lee has a very high ceiling, and he has not reached it yet, but I still give a substantial edge to Amar'e in every factor of the game, from defense to passing ability to aggressiveness and clutch performance, Amar'e is a go-to guy that can start and finish. Many NBA fans might be watching to see if Amar'e will falter without Nash. But I know many knicks fans will be watching GSW and David Lee to see how he does outside of a system designed to maximize his effectiveness. I expect his numbers to drop dramatically unless he has increased a piece of his game like he did last off season with his jumper.

I liked Nate but he was never going to be a starting PG on this team and probably not in this league. As Mafra broke down for you, Felton out performed Duhon and Nate in all of their match ups. Felton is a big upgrade over Duhon and nate as a PG.

On paper, yes Darko as a starting C makes sense, But Darko has a bad attitude and a poor work ethic. He is alos an unproven player and could have worked his ass off in practice to make it to the starting line up but i suspect he did not prove himself and felt more that he was owed something., I wouldn't blame D'ant for not playing a guy like Darko who has a warped sense of entitlement.

Last year D'ant and Donnie came out and said that the season was about developing their young players (chandler, gallo, TD) those guys got plenty of court time and gallo especially got some knowledge, being put in to defend against some of the most prolific scorers in the league and doing a good job of it.

Over all it is hard to see why people might think this squad would do worse then last years team. I can not wait for them to come out of the gate and show what they are about. Many of our players now play defense. They work together as a team, they want to work hard to get better and to get the knicks to the next level... There was only one guy last year who had that kind of drive and that was Al Harrington.

This year we have rejuvenated the young guys and surrounded them with real talent. All the positions that we had we have improved in. We have a solid bench with depth at every position. We have a starting PG who has taken his team to the playoffs. We have a Superstar PF who can take over games. We have a Chandler and Gallo who have another year of playing under their belt. The only position that we moved laterally may have been SG, and that is being generous to Hughes. A guy known to be a locker room distraction and a streaky performer at best.

All of that improvement and we STILL have flexibility and room to grow next year.