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Kiya; Are you suggesting that the Mav's team nash was on was worse then the suns team he went to? As far as i can see the Mav's teams were atleast, if not more, stacked then the Suns team nash went to. Nash became MVP type of player in Phx as a result of his work with D'antoni (he'll tell you so himself). Not because of the moves he showed him, but because of the system and the creative offensive plays d'ant showed steve.

ok so you honestly think that

C- Darko
PF - Lee
Sf Harrington
SG Hughes
PG Duhon

is better then:

C- Randolph
SF - Gallo
SG - Chandler
pg - Felton

Really? I don't understand. At every position we have great athleticism and improved defense. We have play makers and role players . We have 3 pt shooters, players that slash and drive, players that create off the dribble, players that move well without the ball, and players that buy into the TEAM concept. Every statistical category is improved, from fg % to blocks to steals to assists. This team is vastly improved and our record will reflect it. I expect .500 record at the very least up until the allstart break.

Barring any injuries to key players i can see us being .650 team by the end and sitting in 7th/6th... whish is a heck of a lot better then the 10th we sat in last year.

Nash averaged 34 mpg as a Dallas Mavs, Nash last two seasons with
the Mavs were 60 win and 52 win seasons.
WTF could a Euro league coach with 2 NBA years of experience as
an assistant coach teach a 8 year experience Nash.
Stop listening to PR talk.

I was not crazy about lastseason team but with any other headcoach
than Mike/Dan Dantoni we wouldve won 41+ games using a 9-man
Letting Marbury come off the bench in his final contract season
wouldve won us 10 more games in 2008.
Coaching two seasons with a personal attitude towards the players
should not get a third chance.

Example: Darko/Lee/Hill/Harrington vs Mozgov/Amare/Turiaf/Randolph
How much better is one over the other?
We were not aloud to see what a guard rotation of Hughes/Nate/Duhon
could do as a trio in any of the 82 games. why is that?
Do u really think Felton/Abu/Douglas is much better than