If we have to pick up Okafor's contract, then F this whole thing and forget about CP3. We CANNOT, under any circumstance, lose our flexibility under the cap. The more I think of it, I think the Knicks would benefit more from adding Melo than CP3. While I agree with the assertion that the NBA is no longer a big man's league, but rather a point guard's league, I have full confidence in Felton. Melo is a game changer and a borderline top 5 player. A man who is a nightmare to defend. He can physically abuse people and is an excellent mid range shooter. He can handle the ball really well, and no one-on-one defense can stop this man from scoring.

I understand he isn't an ideal playmaker nor is a defensive stopper, but he is an over-average defensive player a good rebounder and an average passer. In other words, he does not have any apparent weaknesses. he can work well in half-court sets as well as push the ball up. He can work well with the players we have and he will also make Felton's and Amar'e's job a lot easier.

Most importantly, we do not pick up unwanted contracts that will f our changes of picking up desirable FAs in the future.