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Forget the fact how Ewing broke my heart when I discovered he was frequenting ATL strip clubs after playoff defeats.... when it would ruin my evenings.

I could care less if he was hanging out with harems in a persian palace.... It's just that something isn't right with this cat. Maybe it's his high school buddy acting like he's a power broker, or the fact that this crowd wants to act entitled, like they should reap the rewards of winning before they won anything.

Or maybe it's calling himself the KING, and talking about himself in the 3rd person.

Or maybe that his camp complained to ESPN and had them pull this story.

All I know is Lebron James is not mentally tough. We saw it when he stormed off the court without shaking hands, when he refuses to appear before the media afterwards, or when he wouldn't even accept fault after losing this year.... Or he pawned it off to being one of 4 bad games he's ever played.

FACT IS: this cat is not grounded on planet Earth. Not like his image has led people to believe. I guess when you live in public housing and your mom buys a hummer (instead of a house) that sort of manifests itself.

BUt this house of cards is built on sand.

And for Chris Paul to be such a FOLLOWER.

These are not the type of people you go to war with.

James would not handle NY. He wouldn;t crumble under the weight of expectations. Just sit back and watch what happens if he doesn't win this year. WATCH CLOSELY how he handles it.

NOt that ANYTHING in this story is inherently wrong. Just something amiss with the excess of it all.
you guys are crazy. im 24, and i have played pickup games where it gets really intense, and after the game the two teams dont speak. no that we aint boys, its just that emotion gets inthe way. Compounded with being on national tv all the time. getting interviewd almost every day from he was in high school could get tiresome and annoying. so what if he declines an interview.....thats like one out of 100,000 interviews james did do.