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    Default Boycott MSG Facebook

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    A Facebook page for boycotting MSG until Isiah is removed. Hey, if enough people join, maybe somebody will notice. If anything, it's an easy way to send a message.

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    Default Depressed

    The recent Isiah happenings have been a real downer. I love the Knicks and have stuck by them thru thick and thin for over 40 years. There have been many bad moments in those 40 years but this time seems different. Mistakes can happen even stupid ones but fans can overlook those things. You move on from the mistakes and try to get better going forward. The first Isiah regime was that mistake. To roll with Isiah again after all the good done by Walsh and D'Antoni, presents a special kind of stupid,not just stupid but also a meanness and callousness. If the organization is so bad that it cannot even tell the good when it is clearly in front of them, there is definitely no hope. If Walsh goes and Isiah returns, my 40 years of fandown will be ended along with my kids, extended family and friends. I'll always have Willis, Clyde, Bernard and Patrick. And while I'll never have any new Knick favorites at least I'll be rid of Dolan and Isiah. And maybe, just maybe, I'll find some new sports heros with another organization. One that has some class and dignity regardless whether they win or lose. So Mr. Dolan, please come to your senses before it is too late before you lose me and most of the city as fans.

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    isaiah is gone, no need lulz. we can still get our late news from MSG/NYK facebook
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    i guess this did something, Isiah saw it i guess hahahah.....naw but seriously glad the dudes gone i let out a collective sigh of relief haha

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