That was one powerful 4-way trade of role-players that will make an
impact on each team. I will list the team who got the best of that
4 way deal last.

I dont expect Courtney Lee to get much playingtime in Houston with 2nd
season Taylor healthy stepping up his combo-guard role off the bench to
tandem with Brooks/Martin. Battier/Jefferies playingtime maybe reduce to
one on one defenders vs the Kobe/Melo types while the team run alot of
3-guard rotation having Yao/Miller and Scola/Patterson/Hill.

The Pacers may have found their future PG-Collison.
The Pacers been in search for a PG within the past decade.
The pair of PG-Collison/PG-TJ.Ford may become the best rotation of PG
in the Eastern Conference this season.
Everyone slept on the powerful rotation of TJ.Ford/Calderon on the
Toronto Raptors. Both their energy at PG pushed their Raptor teammates
night after night to become a season playoff team season.
Well, dont sleep on the Pacers this season with a healthy leadership
PG-TJ.Ford to guide Collison.

Trevor Ariza explosive switch at SF/SG is just what CP3 need late in
the game on offense/defense to turn up the volume in New Orleans.
Having two skillful passing thieves in the backcourt will benefit the
team when Okafor make oponents change their shot selection.
Look for PF-West to go back to his 20-10 stat game (SSOL).
The question is Peja becoming Peja?

Damn! Damn! Damn! the Murphy Law just put the Nets in a Win-Win situation,
the Nets just turned into last season winning Bucks team with two rookies
challenging for the ROY.
The Nets gave up poor SG-Courtney Lee to get their missing double-double
PF-Murphy that will give C-Lopez/SF-Outlaw more room to exploit oponents
on offense/defense.
Did Rod Thorn clean out his office? it sure look like he left the papers on the
desk for the remaining piece to the Nets 2010-11 roster he put together
before he resign to become the 76ers President.

This 4 way team trade was based on filling missing pieces to on each team roster.
If a few other Lottery teams get into a 3 or 4 team trade before
training camp to get their roster missing pieces ......
Lebron James wont be having another 60 win season.
The Miami Big-3 will be struggling to have a 50 win season.