I have seen alot of threads praising some of our players calling for them to have big seasons or for us to become a 6th seed. While it is great to be optimistic i also think it is great to be realistic. With that said here is a real look on our players.

Pg- Raymond Felton,Toney Douglas -here is where the problem starts our focal point of this systems is a good foundation to begin with the lack of depth and Douglas being turner of prone/ rushing shots and settling for bad shots with the shot clock winding down. Felton being undersized and not a good one on one defender for all the speed he has he can't stay in front of anyone ( see playoffs for proof Jamer Nelson destroyed him)

Sg- Kelenna Azubuike, Roger Mason- lack of depth again.. we will start the season with one true shooting guard Roger mason meaning someone will play out of position mostly chandler resulting in the same problems from last year ( Chandlers bad handling for a Sg and poor 3pt shot)

Sf- Danilo Gallinari Wilson Chandler Bill Walker- one of the only plus we have so far. The Sf depth on this team is a good one, we have a shooter in Gallinari a great one on one defender in Chandler and a good shooter/slasher in Bill Walker. Only problem is getting minutes for each player at the Sf position to keep them from playing out of position. This position has the brightest upside seeing all the players here are young and can improve.

Pf-Amare Stoudemire ,Anthony Randolph - Not a great depth but easily our best positions in terms of sheer star power (Amare) and mismatches (Randolph) this is going to be a starting point of our offense running the pick and roll with Amare which should prove healthy. However Randolph still seems to be a question mark one thing that bothers is his maturity and work ethic he has all the tools but while doing research i found he has had a lot of falling out with his coach and is sometimes stubborn. However his physical tools are there is all up to the coaching staff and him to harness it.

C- Ronny Turiaf , Timofey Mozgov, Eddy Curry - Here is where we have a problem and where people tend to over look, Turiaf is only a 20-25min player because of recent surgery and we know too little on Timofey to expect him to come in and produce. We have to hope Curry gets the nodd because with have a big hole here. Also with Turiaf on the floor it brings defensive intensity but he is a hole on offense because of his inability to shoot or post up, however he helps here because of his hustle and he gets garbage points so its a win win.