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very negative, I know your skeptical but remember that we won 33 games with only David Lee being consistent!

We got 9 new guys that are perfect for this team, athletic and scorers who have defensive awarness.


NO BENCH-T Mac was garbage with his injuries, Walker came here too late, Rodriguez had a few good games, Eddie House had only one good game which was his first as a Knick(same with T Mac), No big man help, Bender always got hurt, Douglas was our best bench player and he only got playing time for half of the season.

Had only defense from Chandler, no post defense since Harrington and Lee get dominated. No leader since Lee is better as second fiddle to a star player. Duhon was a slow point guard who turned us into a half court team and was horrible last season.

Now look at our new lineup


I'm saying Randolph starts at the 5 cuz Mike D loves speed and Phil Weber suggested Randolph at the five on Knicks night live.....

Felton is a HUGE upgrade over Duhon, he cans score, dish it out better, has overall better awarness on both ends of the floor and is FAST which makes us go from a half court team to a fast paced team

Azabuke is a shooter who can play defense and would always guard the best offensive opposing player. Now we can have Azabuke and Chandler at the same time when we need defense.

Gallo should improve with his consistency and shot selection, also on rebounds and aggressiveness. Playing along side Amare makes all the pressure point towards Amare instead of Gallo thus Gallo plays at a higher level and gets easier shots.

Amare will dominate and cant take the pressure helping everyone around him mentally off the court and statistically on the court.

Randolph will be great. Donnie Nelson has been labeled as one of the most hard nosed coaches in the NBA, if you think Randolph is stubborn maybe its cuz he learned it from Don Nelson. Randolph is a talent that should have started from day one, instead he was in the dog house and got sixth man minutes. and still put up great numbers. With freedom on and off the court Randolph will explode but will show some black holes that will need to be filled by the coaching staff (post defense and consistency)

Our bench is a thousand times better.

Mason Jr.

We should win atleast ten to fifteen games more this year than last year.

I see what point you are trying to make and i agree to some degree. First i do believe we are a better team than last year. That being said we are not that much better because the whole East improved nearly every team in the Eastern Conference went out and got better even the bottom feeding NJ Nets. Which will make things harder for us. I believe if we had this team last year we would make a strong playoff push but not this year with all the better teams out there.

Also we only won 29 not 33 games last year so a ten game improvement would only put us at a 39-43 record which is either a 8th or 9th seed

Finally I would like to point that our bench shifted significantly during the season but the only consist bench squad we had that i can point out is the one before the all star break which consisted of :
Al Harrington,
Eddy Curry,
Jared Jeffries,
Nate Robinson,
Toney Douglas,
Darko Milicic,
Jordan Hill,
I believe this is a stronger bench with more length, scoring and experience
This bench wasn't showcased because our Coach uses a 7-9man rotation so some of the players you mention above will not see Playing time.

With that being said thanks for your opinion and feedback i hadn't really thought of it that way