ya some are confusing the nba with the fantasy league. we have way more question marks than periods on this team by far to be making broad judgments about how good we will be. but the bill of goods we were sold was this off season would define the knicks for the next decade.. well lets prey that was another lie told by management... but lets sum up:

we have two journeymen at best in felton and mason as starting guards. both are chuckers that turn the ball over and don't play much defense... great fit for the d'an system we have. neither would be on my team little alone starting. gallo has to come up huge at sf if we are going to keep defenses off of stat. we have too much invested in him now. he doesn't run the floor, pass or rebound worth a **** but he's our guy. stat is stat.. just pray he don't get hurt. but like i said before he is going to see more double and triple teams than a kourdashian sister. and the rest are throw aways imho.

we might be interesting to watch but i don't see this team making the playoff really but then again some of the other teams in the east suk as bad as we do... go knickerbockers