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Again, that all depends on how desperate Melo is to get paid. Melo has the threat of Denver losing him for nothing, but Denver has the threat of Melo losing out on a lot of money (possibly getting zero money and a lockout where he makes nothing).

So there will likely have to be a compromise. Unless Melo is not worried at all about losing $65 mil. And it seems like he is, or else he wouldn't be demanding a trade now so he can sign an extension. By leaking that, he has lost a lot of leverage in negotiating his choice of where to go.

Like I said, Denver has much more power in this scenario than you all think. It's a two-way street. Denver is not just going to bend over backwards to give Melo what he wants. I'm sure management is extremely pissed at Melo right now. They can play hard ball too. Denver knows they're losing Melo. But they can also make Melo look like the bad guy and not lose credibility with their fan base.

Sorry to be a downer but there is no way Denver accepts Curry, Chandler + 2014 pick. Although it may be better than nothing, it's not much better than nothing, and in the process Denver loses a lot of credibility by aquiessing to the demands of Melo. They would rather let Melo walk and make him look like the villian.

We need to stop looking at this through the eyes of a Knick fan and look at this logically. It will cost us a lot to get Melo no matter how much he demands where he wants to go. And it's not worth it.
I'm only going by what's being said in Denver:

While deciding where he wants to spend the rest of his basketball life, Carmelo Anthony will do what's right by his family.
But believe this: Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke will do what is best for his hefty investment in an NBA franchise, even if that means trading Melo.
There is no way Denver can afford to lose the face of its franchise for nothing as a free agent.
The Nuggets are now considering a strategy to part ways with their 26-year-old star forward, according to a league source.
After quietly gauging trade interest in Anthony for weeks, the team's consternation has only risen as he has made no move to accept a $65 million offer for a three-year contract extension that was formally presented more than a month ago.
The Nuggets don't want to get LeBron'd.

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If Melo forces his way to the Knicks then he'll be here. Whether you agree with it or not, Denver is not going to let that man play in front of those fans at the Pepsi Center and then walk away next summer. They almost have to move him, and if his name, date, and initials on an extension are the deciding factor, he has most of the power.

It's almost like saying that a player with a NTC doesn't have any power when it comes to where he plays next. Yea the team can negotiate trades, but whoever has the power to single handedly veto a trade is sitting on most of the power. Melo can veto any trade by not signing the extension, UNLESS someone is bold enough to trade for him without that extension. Simple.

Melo is probably already a bad guy in Denver right now because of this whole mess. If all of this is truly driven by family (and while it might not be the main factor, I think it is a major player) and he's using the recent LBJ bomb that dropped on Cleveland to finagle his way out of Denver...he's not exactly gonna be unanimously cheered there even if he remains a Nugget for one more season.