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For the sake of Basketball, why did u respond back to a poster that is
clueless of why Dantoni is not still coaching in Phoenix.

We traded a defensive Kurt Thomas to Phoenix and Dantoni DNP Kurt
Thomas off n on throughout those two seasons.
The Knicks had some decent defensive players in
Collins/Balkman/Hughes/Jefferies/and rookie Jordan Hill.

If u notice any of the USA Olympic games/practice the announcers speak
frequently of coach Dantoni being the offensive coach "only".
It's funny that you call me clueless when all you do is make posts about non-reality...**** you totally made up in your head like a schoolgirl passing a rumor around about the cheerleader you are jealous about...

First it was your made up conspiracy theories about our front office, then it was Dr. Kiya the patella injury expert who knows that Azu is going to miss the whole season without a shred of proof.

D'ant is indeed an offensive specialist but he does coach defense quite well. Again, until you or anyone can explain why SSOL means weak defense all your talking points are as hollow as the national media's hate for the Knicks.

Watch and learn guys:

Lets see what our best defender over the last few years said about D'ant and defense:

"I think that Mike’s a realist,’’ Jeffries said. "Defending, like anything else in the NBA, is a talent level. And you can’t have people that are not great defenders and expect them to be great defenders. Just like you can’t have people that aren’t great scorers and expect them to be great scorers. He put me out there to be a defender and he puts guys out there to be scorers. He does focus on defense, but if you don’t have defensive players, then you’re not going to be a great defensive team.’’
He added, "It’s not like he tells the guys, ‘Don’t go out there and guard anybody, just try to score.’ That’s not the case at all.’’
D'ant was such a horrible coach that he won 2 coach of the year awards and Amare ran to play under him once again giving D'ant the chance to coach him through his prime.

The fact is the Suns could have won a title had a few things gone there way or had that not run into a Spurs dynasty. Riley is a hall of fame coach yet could not get the Knicks past MJ and the Bulls. It's clear your hate clouds your judgment and you are not looking at his tenure in Phoenix objectively.

P.S.This dude is still talking about Balkman a complete scrub! GTFOH!

P.P.S. Dan't was indeed brought in to coach offense with Team USA because they needed an offensive specialist to manage all that firepower. They had other coaches serving other roles and that in no way proves that D'ant can't or doesn't coach defense. In fact my video proves the exact opposite!