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Tr1ll1on..... being clueless of the Knicks is not as bad as u think it is, u
should accept it with pride. Bigger people than
u like Layden/Isiah/Walsh/Lenny Wilkins/Larry Brown/and celebrity coach
Dantoni are all accepting their cluelessness of the Knicks and its
organization with pride.
u have to excuse Kiya, he have been a big pessimistic Knick fan since 1999
when the Knicks fired GM Ernie Grunfield (an ex-player/ex-coach/ex-GM of
the Knicks organization).
Two years after the firing of GM Ernie our best headcoach JVG quit with alot
of our great coaching-staff quiting alongside of coach JVG. This is how ex-
player Herb Williams became assistant headcoach of the Knicks the day after
his player contract expired.
The Knicks owner and all of the GM's he has hired since GM Ernie have done
nothing to build or replace the big coaching-staff that Pat Riley put into
place to take us to the FINALS (twice).

We have 10 young athletic players on the 2010-11 new roster, these young
players could improve their performance by meshin with their teammates on
either offense/defense in a uptempo or halfcourt setting if we had the
"coaches" to make them stick to the plan.
It is obvious as a quack from a duck we will need a big man coach on the
bench yelling guidance for the signing of Euro-player 7.0 C-Mozgov switch to
the NBA league, where the rules, tactics of oponents, and expectation of his
teammates will be alot different from what he is used to. The Knicks dont
have anyone on their coaching-staff that qualify for that job for a NCAA
bigman. I dont recall them hiring anyone who speak fluent russian/english

u can boast about Dantoni's record and success in Phoenix while leaving out
Phoenix Marbury/Marion/Joe Johnson/Chambers were a playoff team when
Dantoni was an assistant coach for the Denver Nuggets.
u can also leave out all of the veteran players experience in the
(Western Conference of the) starting 6 men in Dantoni's first full season
as headcoach of the Phoenix Suns.
Dantoni not wanting GM Kerr to hire defensive coach Tom Thib, plus wanting
defensive C/F-Kurt Thomas off the roster during the same offseason, which
was the big talk in Phoenix during Dantoni's last season in Phoenix.
Tom Thib was on our coaching staff when we signed a walking Kurt Thomas
on the Knicks in 1998-99 season.

It is not a conspiracy or theory that Walsh and Dantoni is not on the same-
page. Walsh had to know about the "fued" of Dantoni/Marbury in Phoenix.
The sports media started an episode about it as early as June 2008.
Look at all the new players and 10 day contract players Walsh put on the
roster that Dantoni DNP without giving them a steady chance to mesh with
the same players or any players (its well over 10 new players).

Jefferies was never the best defensive player on the Knicks.
Jefferies missing so many open layups made him the Knicks worst offensive
player in the history of the Knicks. Winning the crown from Charles Smith.
It was assumed Jefferies was a Defensive player. But us Knick fans new both
JJ were a MLE "RED-FLAG" to FIRE Isiah asap.

Balkman is a great role-player off the bench to give u
rebounds/blocks/screening/decent passing/and put backs (Bowen).

10 Punch KO of Kyiawoman

(I will use bold letters since you are so fond of them)

1. I am certainly not clueless about the Knicks or the NBA in general. That my conspiracy theory spouting, Darko and Balkman daydreaming friend is all YOU. I am glad you can be proud of your shortcomings and feel comfortable in your ignorant skin.

2. D'ant became coach of the Suns and took them from a 29-53 record to 62-20 the very next year. That is the single greatest turnaround in NBA history. He took the Suns to back to back western confrence finals appearances and won 50+ in four straight seasons. He helped turn Nash from a above average PG into an MVP caliber and future hall of famer. He took a young STAT and molded him into a dominant big while making him the focal point of a high octane offense.

3. The Suns could have won a ring had some things gone their way. They were in the West and up against Duncan and a Spurs dynasty. They faced injuries and suspensions that all played a part in stopping them just short of their goal. Riley and then JVG faced similar situations with the Knicks yet I am confident you would have either back as coach.

4. European record as coach (pasted for you to be less ignorant): He remained for four seasons, from 1990 to 1994, leading the club to the 1992 [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Final Four and 1993 [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. He was then chosen to coach [Only registered and activated users can see links. ], another major Italian basketball club. During his tenure (1994–1997), the team captured the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and Coppa Italia (in 1995) and won the domestic league title in 1996–97. Coach D’Antoni's Italian teams went to the playoffs each season, and he was twice voted the league’s Coach of the Year. In 2001, D'Antoni returned to Italy for a second stint as the coach of Benetton Treviso. In his one season back in Europe, he led the team to a 28–8 record, a league championship and [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Final Four, coaching a team filled with many former NBA stars.

5. D'ant helped lead Team USA to gold and was credited for the much improved and efficient offense over previous years.

6. D'ant took on the Knicks job knowing full well that Walsh was planning a 2 year salary dump and rebuild project. He took the job knowing his reputation and win/loss record would take a hit. Knowledgeable fans knew and appreciated this sacrifice and understand that until this year he did not have a competent squad capable of executing his system or winning consistently. You and the other ignorant crybabies ignore these facts and want to crucify him to perpetuate your self admitted pessimism that started in 1999.

7. That Suns team you boasted about that included Marbury (having a career year) got ousted in the first round. D'ant could have easily coached Zbo/Crawford to a playoff birth but that was not the plan.

8. Mozgov speaks English you ignorant tool. Further your hatred for blinds your objectivity about our coaching staff. Afterall D'ant took STAT a young bigman and coached him into a perennial all-star so your point about needing a bigman coach is laughable.

9. Jared Jefferies was indeed our best defender over the last few years and guarded every position from the 1-5. I could careless if you disagree but I will point out that you are ignoring the thrust of his quote which directly counters your ignorant assertions.

10. Having an aging 6'10 PF in Kurt Thomas playing center in a high octane offense proves nothing about D'ant. He was a mismatched player for the system and one guy can't make a team play great defense.

P.S. Refering to yourself in the 3rd person only makes you sound more like a d-bag so I would suggest you put that and the rest of your bolded/red fonted inaccurate talking points to rest.