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Paul you sound like Kiyaman posting this ridiculous, diluted nonsense and I'm very disappointed in you...

I refuse to argue anymore on this players V the system topic. On THIS issue Kiya and sadly you too cannot see the forest through the trees.
Ok ronoranina, I think I addressed multiple issues that question Mike D's ability to coach at the "high level" he is labeled as.

or should I say the 6 million a year he has stolen from us.

Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, none of these guys would have coached as poorly as Mike D did. Riley got the most out of those 90's Knick teams. Even though Riley had Ewing, every player hustled like it was the last game of their careers, Mike D could never do that.

You think Riley ever blamed a loss on "energy"??????

Here is the fact, and learn this quick, if players don't have enough energy to play their hardest while getting paid millions of dollars, then they don't deserve one minute of playing time!

AND the fact that most of the players were on last year contracts, SHOULD have made the team play harder than ever. Instead Mike D had their "energy" shot mentally by the ridiculous substitutions and benching of players for no reason while playing others who were horrible for long stretches at a time. (Duhon, Jeffries, Gallo's slump, Q Rich,etc) all should have been benched at one point and never were.

There are so many question marks in my two long posts that you can't even answer.

I must have listed over ten huge mistakes Mike D made that essentially tanked two years. All of which any Mike D fan cannot back up.

THE ONLY excuse a Mike D fan has is that the players did not fit his style, yet Mike D's ego made him force the players to learn it even though he knew they were not pure shooters.

Now he has his players, Mike D should coach the Knicks into the playoffs with a 45 win season.....im still one of the most optimistic Knick fans, even though I think our coach is extremely over rated and doesn't deserve the 6 million he is receiving per year.