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Will Dantoni survive through the month of January?

Billups, Melo, and Mike Woodson dont play the same game as Dantoni
This will be very interesting. I don't, however, think the team needs any NY media distractions. Our window of opportunity can't afford any implosions getting in the way.

I say we stick with Mike (no defence Mike), unless there's some complete revolt from the players.

Amar'e seems most impressed with Mike Woodson.

Amar'e Stoudemire is encouraged by the Knicks decision to hire Mike Woodson, who will help to improve the team's defense.

"I think it's great," Stoudemire said Wednesday. "It's definitely what we talked about, improving defensively. With the help of Mike (Woodson) it's going to be really positive for us. But it's up to us as players to take that commitment and implement it."

The Knicks' front office ordered Mike D'Antoni to improve their play on the defensive end.

"For us to win a championship, defense has to be a primary force," Stoudemire added. "It has to be something that we focus in on. Everyone has to buy into it and everyone has to become much better."

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