I would like to know what all the Carmelo Anthony bashers would think would happen if He wasen't on the nuggets. You might have a point that he dosent do what all the elite players do in the league and he dosent take over in the playoffs,(Naysayers In General) but I would counter that with His team is not that good. K Martin is not a star like some people think he is. Jr Smith is overrated and to streaky. Nene is far from a elite center. They got a elite pg, but thats it.

The nuggets have gone to the playoffs every season sense Carmelo has
been there. They weren't even relevent before he got there, and he made them worth watching all by himself.

To bad he cant win it all by himself. He might need a elite power foward, players that aren't streaky, and play like there **** dont stink, plus play smart and HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They can say all they want but I know carmelo is not a overrated scorer. Put him on a team with garnett in his prime, gasol, howard, shaq in his prime and add in some role players and you have a team more then able to get to the finals with the right role players and win the damm thing... geez

If melo was in Miami and had shaq then, Carmelo has a ring. This shiiit is is overrated and over anayalizing this shhiitt is overrated.