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I do not believe that squad would win a ring easily because Melo is not Kobe, nor will he ever be.

You cannot just say that you can plug in one player for another because one aspect of their respective games is similar - scoring in this case.

In doing so you gloss over the FACT that Kobe brings so much more to a team than just scoring, which as the above article points out is the reason why Melo can be deemed OVERRATED - because he doesn't bring much more to a team than his ability to get buckets.

In making such a statement, and continuing to defend it, you show a certain limited understanding of basketball and what a great player like Kobe brings to to his team.

Some of these abilities include and I'll go beyond stats since you seem to think they are irrelevant in some way:

1. Extreme clutchness
2. Otherwordly ball-handling ability for a 2 guard
3. Solid passing skills
4. Awesome and proven IQ
5. It factor, i.e. heart, determination, killer whatever you want to call it.

Melo is not on Kobe's level in any of the above areas, or even scoring for that matter! You assertions are not well thought out..

Dude it simply would not be a foregone conclusion that the team you posted above would win w Melo in that lineup. To say that shows a blatant disregard for the other aspects of Kobe's game that Melo as not shown, that contributed to the Lakers winning it all.
Again I am not saying Kobe is worse.

You are ignoring the fact that Melo has carried the Nuggets so many times, the fact that Melo has not had extreme help like what Gasol does for Kobe makes my argument have as much weight as yours.

Melo on the Lakers could win a championship easily last year.

No team was dominate except the Cavs(who still lost with Lebron James with no true low post big man) and the Lakers would still have the best team in the NBA.

This is all hypothetical so I don't see th huge argument, it is strictly opinion.

Put Melo with Amare, a big man presence which he has never had, and you will be shocked. Wade, Kobe, Lebron all prove that THEY NEED a big man presence. So why hate on Melo and call him over rated when you know players better than Melo had the same problem?
Doesn't make sense.

As if you are singling out Melo as if he had the same players around him.