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    Default FromtheBaseline Scout on MOZGOV, dont know if you have seen it yet.

    so many posts going on here about mozgov wasnt sure if this was already a thread but I figured I would share

    good read

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    Timofey Mozgov: Scouting Report
    Written by BigC

    (Big C) Timofey Mozgov? Who? Say What? Many people have never heard of Timofey Mozgov until a few weeks ago. That includes me. So just like you I wanted to know more about the 7’1” center the Knicks signed a few weeks ago.

    Too often you hear people talking about how good a player is, when in reality their opinions were based on what others have said. For me, I needed to make my own judgment about this Mozgov guy.

    I decided to do my research. I watched as many full game videos of Mozgov in the Euro league as possible. Let me first say that there are many players listed at 7’1” but they truly aren’t. When you watch Timofey Mozgov towering over the other players on the court you can see he is a legit 7’1”.

    Now we all know that finding good big bodies in the NBA is a tough task, especially if you are looking for a big man that can play ball. So when you hear about a big man who went un-drafted you have to raise an eyebrow. Most of the big men who pass through the league are either too slow or lack the fundamentals of the game to be successful.

    Most of the NBA teams that have tall players do not give them much playing time, only if he is an elite center or the designated shot blocker on the team. While watching Mozgov’s game I immediately noticed how athletic and fast on his feet he was. Mozgov is a tall, big body in the middle, which is a plus.

    For today’s NBA it is important that a big man is athletic and has the ability to run up and down the court and block shots. If a big man can not get up and down the court then he becomes a liability on the defensive end of the court as well as the offensive end of the court. Once opposing teams see a big man that cannot keep up with the pace, they normally adjust and go small to force the big man out of the game.

    All that being said, Mozgov is not one of those lame duck players. He shows signs of being a decent NBA player. Not only is Mozgov big at 7’1”, but he is a big man that can get up and down the court. For many of the games that I watched, I saw him get up and down the court with guards, small forwards as well as beating his man down the court.

    The fact that Mozgov can run makes him a perfect fit with the Knicks who want to control the fast break this season. Mike D’Antoni wants his team to run the ball up the court almost every chance the players get if it is available, especially with the Knicks new point guard Raymond Felton aka the “Reason” (as I like to call him).

    With Mozgov’s quickness you better believe he will get some nice touches on the break. With Felton leading the break good things are going to happen if you run with him. It does not matter if Mozgov is the trailer or up head to catch the easy pass for the dunk or layup Felton will hook the big man up.

    Mozgov is also very good at reading defensive schemes in order to move with a guard to flow into the pick and roll play. Amar’e and Raymond Felton’s favorite play is the pick and roll, and the same can be said for Timofey. Whichever way the pick and roll play starts, on the elbow or on the left wing, Timofey knows how to use it to his advantage.

    Timofey is good at setting picks as well using the pick for the dunk, layup or oop, coming down the middle or the left side of the court. If the pick and roll is read by the defense, Mozgoz does not just stand in one place. He will find a way to be useful. If his offensive game is not there, he looks to crash the boards. He is a beast around the boards, from put back shots or going up strong for the bucket or making a trip to the line. Mozgov also does well taking his man of the dribble. My man does not back down from anyone.

    At 7’1” he is good on the boards and can block shots. Mozgov is good at help defense coming from the weak side to get the block shot or block on the man he is guarding.

    Although he is 7’1 I would like to see more of his post-up game. Right now his game is more based on his athletic ability. However, he does get beat many times by opponents that are quicker than him.

    Even though his mid-range shot is not too bad he needs to work on it. A big man that can shoot from the outside and run will definitely get playing time. He also needs to do a better job holding on to the ball when he gets a rebound. So if Mozgov wants playing time he will have to step it up in the shooting area and defending against other teams pick and roll.

    Overall, Mozgov looks like he can play. We just have to see how he does in an NBA setting. For now Mozgov’s ability to block shots and run the court should be able to get him 10-12 minutes on the floor. Which would be a good start within Mike D’Antoni's tight rotation. The good news is Mozgov looks like he can contribute by scoring a few points and blocking shots. But keep in mind Mozgov’s contract is not guaranteed past his first two years so if things don't go according to plan the Knicks will easily waive him or buy him out.

    Timofey Mozgov, welcome to the Empire State.

    Timofey Mozgov Mix
    seem afraid

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    as usual
    thanks BIG C

    not sure if he posted a thread about this
    seem afraid

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