It was game 7 of the Eastern Confrence finals against Miami. Mello was on the Knicks (I traded Chandler, Curry's Expiring, 2 second rounders and a First rounder to get him at the trade deadline). We were down by 3 with 14 seconds on the clock. Mello was being covered by Wade, Gallo by LeBron. Felton passes te ball to Mello, Mello Crosses over wade with 3 seconds on the clock, takes a fade away 3, the buzzer sounds and its good! The MSG crowd jumped up like it was the 4 point play, and Mello went crazy jumping around as we forced overtime. (i won the game in OT)

Now the worst shot that happened to me was I was up by 2 in game 6 and was about to win the series. So i Inbounded the Ball from the other side of the Court with 2 seconds on the clock friggin big Zeke steals the Inbound and makes a full court shot! Heat win! I was like WTF! HAHAHA