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    Default An Idea for the future

    It appears most likely that the Knicks could acquire Malik Rose sometime in the next week for Dikembe Mutumbo and Cezary Trybanski. After the draft, they could try to acquire Rasheed wallace for Kurt Thomas, Nazr Mohammed, and Othella Harrington. Saying the Knicks trade for Rose, obtain Wallace, and use their MLE the ferocious rebounder (and Harlem native) Etan Thomas, their LLE on Mike Doleac (who wanted to come back to the Knicks after being traded but was claimed by the Nuggets off waivers) and resigned Vin Baker, their lineup in November should look something like this:

    PG: Stephon Marbury, Frank Williams
    SG: Allan Houston, Shandon Anderson
    SF: Tim Thomas, Penny Hardaway
    PF: Rasheed Wallace, Mike Sweetney, Malik Rose
    C: Etan Thomas, Vin Baker, Mike Doleac

    An incredibly weak defensive team but a very potent offensive squad, definitely creating mismatches for the opponent on defense. If the Knicks don't want Etan Thomas, possible MLE signees to take Shandon Anderson's spot at shooting guard would be Stephen Jackson or Brent Barry.

    I think this would be a SICK team.
    John Starks = Greatest Knick Ever Period.

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    the deal was suposed to happen during the expansion draft, but it didn't

    In the scenario described by a Western Conference official, the Charlotte Bobcats were to select Rose from the expansion pool, then redirect Rose to the Knicks for Dikembe Mutombo and cash. Mutombo is entering the final year of his contract, thus making his $5 million salary more palatable to Charlotte.

    Thomas, who had considered trading Kurt Thomas for Rose before the trade deadline, gave a short response when asked about the latest scenario: "It's nothing that I've heard of," the Knicks president said.

    The Knicks pick 43rd in Thursday's draft, but the man making the pick doesn't expect to get much, nor is he making any plans to move up into the first round.

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    thats not a bad team at all. we have good starters and a deep bench. with that team maybe we can be in the top 3 in the east.
    (houstons got to be healthy thou)

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