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I'll ask again, if it doesn't happen will you admit you were wrong?

I believe in our last debate, you said the world was definitely going to end within the next 10 years. That was about 9 months ago (I have it marked on my calender and I will remind you every year for the next 10 years).

So, in 9 years and 3 months, if the world has not ended, will you admit you were wrong?

It's a simple answer. Yes or No. Not, "it's already happening, etc, etc".

How much longer do you think before we will ban religion? 5 years?

If it hasn't happened in that time frame, will you admit you were wrong? Again, it's a simple answer. Yes or No.

First of all, I'm positive I never said I'm SURE the world would end in ten years. I am also positive I said I highly doubt this system has 10 years. And I still don't. Honestly it's hard for me to see 5!! But know one knows the hr. But the signs are more glaring than ever.

I will give you this. If this system is around in ten years, I will be utterly shocked, but not dismayed at my faith. No if we're here say 15-20.... Issue. You said when it's 50 years from now and I'll have raised my kids, yadda yadda, what then. Well 50 years from now, If Im alive, I'll be 81, but in the body of a 20 year old(according to scripture)

My point is, this is happening. There is very good reason for a Jehovah's witness to feel this world is dying at a very rapid pace. They look at the world differently than ayone else. We're paying attn to things everyone else is not. And it's goin down. If we're talkin in ten, you will most likely have become a Jehovah's witness

I have a question tho.

Scientist wants to prove God does not exist. Scientist uses lightning and amino acids to prove that's how life began.

If lightning and amino acids is how we came about, what role does th scientist play?