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Thread: The Baby Knicks

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    Default The Baby Knicks

    The Knicks (average age of 24.6 years) currently have one of the youngest rosters in the league, with only six other teams -- Timberwolves (23.4), Nets (24.0), Thunder (24.1), Kings (24.2), Wizards (24.4) and Grizzlies (24.5) -- with a younger roster. Note that out of those six teams, only one (OKC) made the playoffs.

    I like our team, and with curry coming off the books we will get younger and with cap space, we will get stronger. it feels good to be a knick!

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    24 and a half years. Making me feel like a fossil. Time to gel, time to burn, time to MF'ing win.

    A month and a week to tip off. I've developed a twitch from anticipation.

    And that sig is a little piece of gold.
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    This is definitely a sigh of relief. We've been trying to get by for too long with overpaid contracts and players that were past their prime (sans Sprewell). We're finally going in the right direction.

    Can't wait to see how this all looks come preseason.
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