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    Trade Icon Yahoo Sports: Nuggets GM looking for 3 team trade scenarios for Mello

    Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Nuggets' new general manager Masai Ujiri has been working the phones to explore three-way trade scenarios that would send Carmelo Anthony to either the Knicks or Bulls.
    Anthony's representatives are pushing Denver to deal their client before training camp opens.
    "If they do, it’s a self-imposed panic," one rival executive said about the possibility of the Nuggets complying with Anthony's wishes for a quick exit. "Right now, I don’t know if there’s anyone strong enough there to stand up."
    "I don’t know if they really know what they want yet," an executive who inquired about Anthony told Yahoo! Sports.

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    The winds of Change are blowing.....

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    If Donnie can pull off getting Mello without trading away Gallo or Randolph, we should give him a freaken banner in the Garden!

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    The problem might be in a 3 team trade it would now give hope back to the Bulls who have no real shot since Denver will not take back Deng's contract which is needed to make a deal between the two teams work.

    If Chi. could get a 3rd team to trade for Deng for an expiring contract then Chi. is in the catch is that no team is going to just help Chicago out like that with out a nice compensation for it (Taj Gibson or at least a couple unprotected number 1 picks) thus taking away from how much they could offer Denver.

    Problem for Chi. also is that Deng is an expendable player making a lot of money, even if a team is thirsty for a SF there are plenty of cheaper options that are just as good. Heck you could make a case that we have 3 players just as good as Deng each making 9 million less than him this year.

    Now in a 3 team scenerio we are a bit of a mystery in terms of what we could swap out and with who.

    I mean instantly I think of Indy wanting Randolph for a first rounder earlier this summer. So say we do that and then we re-rout that pick along with a young player or two, Curry's contract and probably our 2014 first rounder and the couple second rounders we got from G-State for Melo.

    The make or break is who the young players we include are. If we give up Randolph selling Knick fans on us parting ways w/ Gallo too is going to be difficult (I'm not one of those such fans).

    Also is this enough for Denver? On paper it seems like everything they are asking for; young players, draft picks and cap relief, but bitterness towards letting him go to his desired location is what could prompt them to demand more.

    This also stinks of the same situation that brang Curry to NY. Remember how Curry forced his way out and made Paxson trade him to The Bulls and now think of the karma that carries to this day!

    But of course Melo is no Curry! He is an established player not a player who has the potential to do something, an All Star not a should be All Star.

    What it may boil down to is Denver just dealing him to us for our best offer! Because the numbers don't work unless Deng is included in the deal and losing Melo and taking a cap hit would be just dumb and finding a team to take back Deng for an expiring contract is going to be difficult!

    And Denver can say what they want about not being in a rush to move him, they know that he is gone next summer so they better take what they can get. Curry's expiring contract + Gallo+Chandler+a 2014 first rounder is much much better than what Tor. got for Bosh and what Clev. got for Lebron

    Think about it.
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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    Yeah Bosh and Lebron left for nothing, but the blame wasn't put on the GMs. The players took full responsibility.

    No GM wants to be the one thats responsible for a horrible deal that will follow them forever. Isiah being the exception as hes a chubba lova that couldn't resist watching Jerome James and Eddy Curry fight over some Popeyes.

    Truth is that the longer Carmelo shows hes willing to wait, the better. He'll give them more reason to panic. The last thing the Nugs want is to lose him for nothing. If the Nuggets know he wants his money more than his trade, then they are in the stronger negotiating position.

    The Knicks would absolutely have to give up Gallinari. Theres really no getting around it. He'll be the replacement SF for their rebuilding and he wouldn't be starting here with Melo around. I'm torn about AR, but its one of those moves where after you trade him you can look like an idiot after he turns into an all star or a genius when he shows hes brainless and only a stat whore.

    Personally I think the Nets offer nothing. Why would he want to play in an empty stadium for a year after they gut their roster to get him. Nene, KMart and birdman are a better frontcourt lineup even if the Nets manage to keep Brook Lopez. Billups is a better fit for him than Harris as well.

    Bulls would require the Nugs to take on Deng's large contract and theres absolutely no way they'll give up Rose. If they give up Noah, their frontcourt is going to be extremely weak.

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    Personally I think the Nuggets have no power. The only power they have is to keep him in Denver through the rest of the year.

    The Knicks are the only team he wants to play for. I think these other teams, including Chicago have all be propaganda by the Nuggets. The Nuggets dont want to look like they've been raped by the Knicks. But that is exactly what is going to happen.

    I personally believe that we will not have to give up Gallo nor Randolph to get Melo. Donnie said that he doesnt want to devastate the team for one player.

    That is why a 3rd team is involved b/c the nuggets want more and they want to save face. I think the trade will involve 3-4 teams

    Seriously this situation is more like a free agent signing than a real trade.

    You thought Lebron was gangsta, watch Melo work.

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