This is my opinion, not a fact...I'm not asking you guys to agree with this because I don't have much information to back this up, when I arrive home from school/work/boxing, Ill add some tidbits to make sense of this.


I understand you guys see Carmelo as a top 10 player, thats understandable...the media brainwashes a lot of people, and people are easily convinced by what they see on TV.

I believe our front court is the most perfect front court in the NBA.

They're all the same height, but all have different styles.

Gallo - Shooting/Toughness/IQ/Alot of Skills all around 6"10 230 lbs SF/PF. A leader, and a has great vision offensively and defensively. Team plays great when he's on the floor and he wants to win games, not pad stats. So much potential.

Amare - Post scoring, athelicism, all star level of player, 9 rebounds and a couple of blocks per game...a great primary scoring option, playoff experienced...dominates the best players in the game.

Randolph - Marcus Camby meets Lamar Odom. Probably will average 15-17 ppg a most, but will give us 2+ blocks per game 10+ rebounds and 3+ assist. Dynamically fundamentally and athletically all in one. 6"10 230 lbs

Getting Carmelo would be greedy.

But don't take this thread as a point where im going to favor one side.

To get to the other side, if we were to trade for Carmelo.

I would trade Gallo, believe it or not.

I just feel Randolph is a player you can't pass up on...he has too many attributes that will separate him from the rest of his class. He can legit play SF/PF/C....that center position being more important.

We have so many wing players, it decreases Gallo's value less and less.

I hate to grade Gallo, but Im just being realistic here if this trade goes down, we should trade him over

Its a ****ty situation.
I love our team and players...I want to see them play together for a reason.