Or at least him becoming a Net and signing an extension.

I made a thread earlier talking about how The Nets losing Lopez in a deal would be a step backwards, since then (not because my thread of course) those rumors have let up.

Now the newest Melo to the Nets rumor has them parting ways with Favors and a hand full of picks (plus Murphy to make the numbers work) for Melo.

Now while parting ways with Favors is not the same as losing Brook, it has a similar effect....bottom line the team still is not that good to make Melo want to play there.

Melo wants to play with a team that is going to be able to compete with The Heat year in and out and as much as I like Brook Lopez he does not create the type of partner Melo is looking for to go at the Heat with

Truth be told .500 would be a stretch for them if they traded Favors and got Melo.


Melo would be better off in Denver next year!

Melo's wanting to play in Chi. or NY shows he wants to have other star players to be around...and again as much as I like Lopez, he is a All Star caliber player for sure but he isnt drawing Melo to NJ, that would be like Lebron coming to us this past off season because we had David Lee.

Next season NJ has just a good a chance as anyone to nab him as a Free Agent but their ability to trade for him now and get him to sign a 3 year extension is "slimmer than that chick in Calvin Klein pants!"

Anyways sound off!