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    Default My Theory on Isiah!

    The Knicks were like when your with your friend (Isiah) and he swears he knows where this Resturant is (A championship) but he cant find it and you and all your other friends (Knicks fans) are like I dont know about this guys, and then you get really pissed off because your starving and your walking around Borough Hall at 3 oclock in the morning and you know nothings open and your just walking around aimlesly with this retard because one of your other Dumbass friends (Dolan) is trusting the Main Docuhe friend who got you here in the first place.

    But what if instead of everyone just giving up and going out for Spanish food or Chinease, the Maoin Douche friend turns out to be taking you to get man raped by Mole People in the subway so you guys leave him. Now your stuck in a place you dont know how to get out of and theres not a McDonalds insight, Only really nasty Places (Bad Contracts EX Eddy Cury Jerome James) and your STARVING!

    THATS What Isiah is!

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