Jesus lol. Its getting to be too much. People calling Murphy-Lopez a lackluster wash to Nene-Martin...

Wake up call time:

They weren't nearly as bad talent wise or as a franchise than what their record said. IMO, not unlike Tampa Bay Rays a couple years ago. Basement team to world series and "suddenly" a legit, contender-like franchise.

But that soon-to-be proved or disproved speculation aside:

They have tons of cap, are blissfully young, and are anchored and driven in ownership by a ruthless Russian tycoon billionaire and Jay-Z (fairly appealing and confidence inspiring to an NBA baller. Maybe?)

And that pitiful roster that would be lucky to sniff the playoffs and isn't built to win titles:

-- Likely the most coveted (LEGIT) 5 in the nba. Isn't this the position 99% of this forum, me included, has flapped on about for years in how ridiculously nice it is to have, and big time for a championship team???

-- A sharp shooting pure 2. Yes, the same player so many wish we would have gotten, talked about in a million hypothetical roster configurations during the off season, and would love to magically have and slot into our 2.

-- Versatile, young lotto pick in Terrence, who frankly has done as much or more in his rookie season, in which he lit it the F up towards the end, as Anthony Randolph has ever done (not that I don't think AR is hugely more talented...then again, Terrence is likely a safer bet to become a solid, consistent contributor, and either way, he is a nice piece, to contribute immediately and consistently. And if we are going to put so much stock in our young, unproven quantities, Terrence deserves similar treatment, even if he isn't at the level of potential of AR).

-- 6'11 PF who can and has gone 15-10 and can dish and hit the 3.

Throw in a decent role playing veteran point....

Cmon. And Carmelo is simply being added to this mix...

6th Terrence

Tons of cap, young, ruthless Russian billionaire and Jay-Z running the ship....

It doesn't take a NJN nut hugger to man up to this and accept the bitter pill.

And it doesn't take away from what WE have, regardless.

We have "everything" to get this done anyways; save for a lousy future 1st that we are getting bent over upon, one final time, because Isiah Thomas' semen had to get extracted from our franchise once again by the cleanup crew.

It stings like a bitch, and i'll root hard for Carmelo-NJN doom, and hopefully it will be a glorious sweat watching Felton-Gallo-Douglas-AR-Chandler-Moz, and even STAT, all blossom and live up to their potentials in NY...

Just sayin..facts be facts. Let's not be anti-homers for every team that gets the best of us and pulls off some big moves on us, mainly all because we are existentially still hamstrung from the tenure of the most singularly destructive force in the history of the NBA, and arguably sports.