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I am happy that you have found something that makes you feel happy. I don't want to take that away from you.

I have read the sermon on the mount. I know it quite well. I am not bitter. But to suggest my atheism is only from an anger and bitterness towards christianity and nothing to do with being a scientist and studying science insults me. That may be how you rationalize it for yourself but does not mean it applies to everyone else.

And I do get angry when people like K4lyfe knock on people's doors and tell them they're wrong. I do get angry when cults control a person. I do get angry when a religion tells a child they are evil from birth and prohibits them from learning scientific facts and applying critical thinking.

And I get especially angry when religion trys to force itself in our government and classrooms.

Not once, in your post, do you talk about reality, only spirituality. Reality does exist. From the beginning, I have always preached to research the facts and educate yourself. Religion, in many ways, stands in the way of education. I do not want to force the removal of religion the way Chairman Mao Zedong did. But to have it go away from education and an understanding of the facts. Notice how the most educated societies are the least religious? They are also always ranked the happiest societies (excluding China ofcourse, for said reasons). Not because religion is gone but because through knowledge of facts = educated society = less poverty = less crime = happiness = less need for invisible friends to give hope.

It seems, to me, to be a dangerous path for civilizaton to follow, when the population is told to accept what they're told without researching the facts.
K4L was also a child, once. Does he become undeserving of the compassion you feel for an indoctrinated child, as soon as he turns age 18?

Belief in science is great. However, do you see that connecting your love of science to atheism makes it dependent upon theism? After all, atheism means, roughly, belief in no religion. So... it requires religion, in order to exist.

The implication is that, as long as you see yourself as an atheist (devoid of religion), you are ironically inescapably tangled with the thing you despise.

I say you find what you enjoy and pursue it on its own merits, not in reaction to your feelings about religion.

And K4L, God bless him, simply does not heed Jesus' call for not judging others. This also means not positively judging anyone (ourselves) as saved or chosen, because, even by Christian standards, Jesus/God makes clear he is the judge, not mankind. Saying they are chosen arrogantly attempts to usurp God's authority. Saying others are not is the same thing. Man's judgment is weak and self-interested, when compared to the supreme.