When the season is done and over with, predict which point guard what you think your top 10 will be

1. Christopher Paul
2. Derick Rose
3. Derin Williams
4. Russell Westbrook
5. Tyreke Evans
6. Brandon Jennings
7. Chauncy Billups
8. Stephon Curbury
9. John Wall
10. Rajon Rondo

Rondos barely a top 10 point guard...if Ty lawson got more minutes, he wouldnt be.

Anyone see him in the Finals? hes the reason his team lost, the Lakers didnt even defend him

And then this summer....Rondo got cut while Rose, Westbrook, and Curry stayed on the team. Who wants a point guard that cant hit an open shot?

And his defense aint even really that nice, he gets alotta steals but has problems keepin his opponent infront of him