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rolling with the boys on 2K11, just got it at midnight and have been playing it all night. It's not easy. Any thoughts, any tips, and advice on how to handle them online or something you figured out that works with them let me know, I'm going hard on it.
ok dont try too many pick and rolls because the defense has eyes on the back of their heads.

Change the controller settings to 100 AI defense so your team doesn't suck on defense...the game is more balanced.

Use screens and exploit match ups...if your the Knicks do pick and roll with Amare constantly and look for him in the post so he can kick it out to shooters.

One thing i found was the crossover. THe crossover can let you school players and give you open lanes to drive or easy shots.

Change the foul frequencies all to 70 because I have played so many game where clear fouls are no called...guys get thrown down and pushed with not calls...it becomes frustrating.

Start out on Pro with a 100 AI defense and then youll be able to play on all star...anything higher might be impossible lol