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ok i got it and I love this game, the graphics are insane.

The onlything I don't like is the amazing defensive IQ the players have....every pass i throw is deflected even if the defensmen is not looking at me....it gets really annoying.

And I get outrebounded too often even with good rebounders...the rebounding, defensive IQ, and the calls I don't get on clear fouls picc me off...everything else A+

And the my player mode is great. Every game has a post game interview...really cool...can't wait for playoffs!
i havent played it as much as i wouldve wanted just a few exhibition games here and there but the game is awesome, while i agree that the IQ is a bit annoying but its pretty much eliminating the possibility of playing arcade-ish and thats why i love it

the presentations are really good especially the halftime show and player of the game presentations are amazing features.

is it easier to reach the nba in my player? or is it still a long struggle to reach that level??