got back from the game a while ago and some very quick impressions

we lost to one of the worst teams in the league
STAT made a few shots but i was expecting more from him. too many misses and turnovers
i liked felton. he might not have done too much against the wolves (can`t find a boxscore right now and the connection is not that good) but he fought a lot, i liked the spirit. with him on the court, the knicks moved well
randolph pretty weak, he seemed like he wasn`t in much of a mood
i really liked the rookies, both rautins and fields got plenty of time and played with a lot of attitude and desire. turiaf was on fire, maybe becuse he was playing at home but if he can play he same in the garden i`ll be satisfied.

too bad "a-wing" only got garbage time, i was hoping to see more from him.