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    Originally Posted by serendipity10
    t-wolves are definitely better than Gallo's old team. Even though the Wolves beat the Lakers they are not a team to test the Knicks. Boston will be the team to show if the Knicks are ready. They play on the 13th and 16th.

    The Knicks are not ready for Boston. Shuuut! Miami is not ready for Boston.
    We are not just a young-team we are a young-talented team with a planless headcoach.
    We looked like a 48 minute "individual-talent-team" on offense/defense from
    our starters & benchplayers
    I'm happy that we played a 12-man rotation in a preseason game.

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    Originally Posted by rady
    got back from the game a while ago and some very quick impressions
    Been to the game Rady? I was too!

    The atmosphere was nice, the area packed and most of the audience was behind the Knicks which I found great.

    Originally Posted by rady
    i liked felton. he might not have done too much against the wolves (can`t find a boxscore right now and the connection is not that good) but he fought a lot, i liked the spirit. with him on the court, the knicks moved well
    Sorry but I really don't have the same impression has you. So far Felton didn't looked an improvement to me and what I feared materialized during the game, he simply doesn't run any P&R w/ Amar'e and when on the floor the team looked rusty as hell.
    The ball was at least moving better when Tony D was at the point.
    I am really worried about Felton.

    Originally Posted by rady
    randolph pretty weak, he seemed like he wasn`t in much of a mood
    Seems to me that this guy is never in the mood for anything.

    I went to the Adidas store on Tuesday to meet Antony Randolp, Raymon Felton, Wilson and Tony Douglas who were having an authograph session.
    Felton and Wil are very easy going and pleasant to talk with. Felton told me he was having a terrific time in Paris.
    The opposite can be said from TD and AR who looked bored to be there.

    Let's say it was just a pre season game and that coun't for nothing.
    Though our defense with mozgov blocking shots with turiaf inside was pleasant to watch for once, our offense looked terrible and rusty.

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    Sounds like FELTON has really been unimpressive so far in the first 2 preseason games. Actually, looks like Luke Ridnour would have been the better signing.

    Maybe STAT was right? Maybe Luke (and his ability to run the P-&-R) would have been the better fit?

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    I think Luke signed 4 years 16 mil while Felton signed for 2 years at 16 mil? Same price just half the committment I guess. That might have made a big difference?

    STILL... Felton is younger. Better defensively and mroe complete offensive player. Luke better pure PG, better outside shooter. Pros & Cons.

    HOWEVER, let's not judge a dude based on EXHIBITION games. Hard to have that edge when you are playing a preseason game in Europe. Hard to get that fire going.

    MINNY won the game b/c they kept their starters in to play against our bench players in the 4th. Sounds right?

    We are going to struggle early. Felton needs time to learn the system, get used to the players. Team probably bonding and going out. Hard to get juices going.

    Let's reserve judgement until this team gets 10-20 games under its belt.

    Will we be a top 4 team? NO! Can we make the playoffs, sure?

    One thing I am convinced with: GET MELO.

    If that means dealing Chandler for a 1st round pick. Trading either Gallo or Randolph.... DO IT... DO IT NOW!

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    not a terrible loss but they definitely have a few things to work on before the season.. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Originally Posted by rady

    too bad "a-wing" only got garbage time, i was hoping to see more from him.

    Who is "a-wing" rady?
    " It's a new era for the Knicks "

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    oh, that's just the way ewing's name was pronounced by the arena announcer

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