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    Default Seriously is it Isiah's destiny to just ruin every good Knick moment of mine!?

    For all Knick fans over the age of 26 or so you may remember a hillarious skit show hosted and created by the Waynes brothers called "In Living Color". As I was thinking about how much I loved the show, I also recalled there being an episode in which The Knicks appeared on it, so I you tubed it and got a very unpleasent surprise

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    Seriously this man is like some horrible Omen from Satan himself to our franchise!!!!

    Just messed up my day off!!!!
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

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    lol That was flat out funny, wonder why Zeke was even in that video since he wasn't associated with the Knicks. That episode of ILC was probably from 1992, the year the Bulls beat us in the finals, they had the whole squad in the skit, Starks, Mace, Oakman and of course Pat. Funny, Tommy Davison seeing Oak and saying "My man Patrick Ewing".

    For those of you that never saw the show, its on DVD and you can download it off the web. The first couple of years, that show was hysterical.

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    I've been high many times, but I've never been as high as Ewing's pants.
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