When I read this story last year I was sad and heart broken for a real
New York winner.
Damn! When Gus Williams & Dennis Johnson won the Championship in
Seattle, the next season Ray Williams & Sugar Ray Richardson with Toby
Knight & Bill Cartwright took the Knicks to a 49 win season (Rookie Magic
Johnson took the Lakers to the championship that season).

Ray & Gus used to be the big talk every summer playing with us top college
players at Xaivier H.S. summerball tournament. Both brothers could turn up
the tempo anytime they wanted in a game (they had that creative energy).
The Knicks made me sick when they traded both Ray & Sugar, but the two
players did party to much in the 5 boros.
I was happy when the Knicks added Ray Williams back on the team when
Bernard King 50 points took us to a 7 game series vs the Championship
Boston Celtics.