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Man, I loved Ray Williams back in the day! Growing up in the Harlem playgrounds I tried to pattern my game after his. He was 6'2" but could dunk over people , he could postup and had a funny line drive jumper. He and B. King and Micheal Ray were bright spots for the Knicks after the days of Clyde, Earl and Willis. When he and Micheal Ray teams it was a exciting backcourt! I always wished they had stayed together. Even Magic admired Micheal Ray's game. Ray Willaims is a good guy! I am praying for him and hope the job comes thru in Mt. Vernon!
Interesting that you found this thread since it was 2 months ago that someone last posted on it so it must have been on like page 3.

Finding out more about Ray than I ever knew about him when he was playing, he grew up on 5th Ave in Mt. Vernon raised by a single mom and had 4 brothers and a sister.

Never studied much when he was in school, all he wanted to do was play basketball. When him and Gus made it to the NBA they bought their mom a new house in Mt. Vernon and they helped their brothers and sister through school, so a lot of their NBA money was used to support the family.

His mom and sister have passed now and I guess the only member of the family that might have the financial wherewith all to help Ray would be Gus but even though Gus made a lot more money than Ray, I remember he was one of the first NBA players to hold out and not play because he was unhappy with his contract, Gus has been out of the game for a long time and has probably had to stretch that NBA money he has made into retirement.

It might be a pride thing on Ray's part also, who knows. Just a shame to me that coming from a large family, that nobody could reach out to him and help him keep his dignity and not let him be homeless. I too wish Ray the best and hope he gets his life together.