I for one have been lukewarm on Gallo and have always thought he was a decent but not a potentially game changing player. While he may never evolve into the superstar all u delusional Knicks fan thought he would be he, he is certainly a good player. In Defense of Gallo I preset to you these points...

1. Gallo just isn't physically gifted or tenacious enough to be part of the NBA Elite. As a spot up shooter he can't really take much advantage of his playmaking ability because he rarely handles the ball. Without a willingness to drive to the basket Gallo never has a chance to make plays get fouled or really get into the game.

2. Gallo is rally being affected by the trade rumors as he has clearly stated he wants to stay in New York. Imagine how pissed he must be from thinking he would be ballin with Lebron Settling with Amare and then finally landing on Denver as part of a rebuilding prject something he painfully knows all to well.

3. If people had not overhyped him so freaking much you would be happy to have drafted a reasonable role player in a weak draft, its not like we took him over Carmelo bosh and wade. If he just turns out to be a decent rotation guy thats fine people need to leave him alone **** worshipers (heh) and detractors alike. Gallo will be a better player than Eddy Curry, Sweetney, Frye, Nate, Balkman, Collins. Imagine how much worse off we would of been by drafting Randolph whos stock has plummeted this Pre-Season.

4. If Gallo and Randolph get us Carmelo consider them worthwhile investments