I've started coaching and playing again and I wanted to get the forums thoughts on a few things. This is mainly to do with style of jump shots.

This could end up being a long post so bear with me...

When I first started playing, you could kind of describe my shooting action as Reggie Miller-esque, kind of two handed cos I always felt my arms were too weak to get the ball to the basket from 3. As I got better, my rep coaches forced me to change my shot to a very orthadox method.

I've started playing again after about a 6 or 7 year layoff. My outside shot wasn't working like it used to so I decided to change it up. My philosophy now is your shooting action should be so simple that it's very easy to reproduce every time and do the whole "muscle memory" thing.

I'm also putting emphasys on the upper body, by not jumping whlie practicing my shot, I can focus on making sure the upper body is doing exactly the same thing every time. My thinking being that as long as your upper body is consistant, then even if you're off balance or fading away you should still be putting up a decent shot, no matter what your lower body is doing. -edit- and also when fatigue sets in, your shot should still be consistent if you're not doing a lot.

Training with my new style is showing some reward, I can hit 3s without leaving the ground easier, and if I decide to take a running jumper, they feel a lot better.

So I guess my questions are, what do you think about this training method, has anyone had to "re-learn" how to shoot and if so, what did you do? And if you were teaching someone who's new to the game how to shoot, what would you do? Tell them to just shoot how they're comfortable and get used to it, or use a particular method?