We have two options to get Carmelo Anthony.
The first option would be the ''Gut the team for Melo'' option, we'll call that option A. Option A would firstly include a trade for a first round pick, which Walsh is confident he can get.

ESPNís Chris Sheridan reported yesterday that Donnie Walsh has a deal on the table to acquire a first round pick in the 2011 draft.
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More than likely it will be a deal for our SF Wilson Chandler. Denver is known to want a first round pick. With that established, we then go down the checklist. Salary cap relief. The expiring contract of Eddy curry plays an important role in this method. Half of Eddy's contract is already paid, That means even if we trade him now, while his salary might count as 11M on the taking team's cap in trade, that team would only owe him 5.5M outright in paychecks! (Trade Kicker would add an additional what 800K.

So we trade Curry to a team, we take 11M back, that team gets an 11M expiring on their cap, YET THAT OWNER only owes FatCurry 6.3M DOLLARS OUT OF POCKET

Next on the checklist, Melo has to agree to an extenion with the team he wants to go to.

According to a source familiar with the situation, Walsh has been motivated by information from Lee, a Knicks season-ticket-holder, that Anthony's first choice is far and away the Knicks. According to the source, Anthony has had several conversations in recent weeks with Lee, who has in turn informed Knicks brass of Anthony's feelings.

"Carmelo definitely, 100 percent wants to be a Knick," the source said.

Lee does not work for the organization, so the talks are not considered tampering.

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Ok, next, Denver wants a marketable player and they want to remain competitive moving forward. This is the hard part, Gutting the team. At this point, we give them, forward, Danillo Gallinari, who had a good showing aginst denver last year; we also include Tony douglas (i dont think billups will be in denvers future when Ty Lawson breaks out); we also would need to sweeten the deal with Landry Fields or Andy Routins (if denver is interested)

I think this would be enough to land us Carmelo Anthony.

This would leave our team without 'fan favorite' Gallo, whom will soon be forgotten as Melo plays the same position. Also without Tony Defense Douglas which would be a part of the price you pay for a superstar, Wilson Chandler, who has had a pretty good preseason and a rookie.

The New Yor Knicks would have a roster similar to this.

Ray Felton
Klenna Azubuike
Carmelo Anthony
Amare Stoudamire
Tim Mozgov

with a very weak bench.

I would be satisfied with this result ONLY IF IT WAS OUR LAST OPTION.

Next is....

Wait it out. Melo made it quite clear where he wants to be. Melo also knows that he can just walk after the season is over. He knows he holds the keys because he has to agree to an extension. He has said he wants to go to NY or Chicago. With Chicago resigning Noah, the Knicks are a front runner for Melo. Regardless of what reports may say. His wife LaLa (an MTV VJ) who works in NYC also is a huge Knicks fan. Melo.....DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

2011-2012 Knicks with Option B

Ray Felton - Tony Douglas
Klenna Azubuike - Wilson Chandler - Landry Fields
Carmelo Anthony - Danilo Gallinari - Bill Walker
Amare Stoudemire - Anthony Randolph
Timofey Mozgov - Ronni Turiaff

2011-2012 East finals....Knicks vs. Heat

Knicks in 6....one can only dream.