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    Default Rates Tim Mozgov As #9 Big Impat Rookies Of The Upcoming Season.

    Its not only the knick fans that are having high hopes for Mozgov, he is rated #9 and i think he should have been at least #6 or 7 in this list after seeing the preseason.
    9. Timofey Mozgov, New York Knicks

    After playing six seasons in Russia, Mozgov was signed by the Knicks to a three-year deal this summer. His numbers in Russia weren't too impressive (7.6 ppg and 4.8 rpg in 19 mpg last season with Khimki), but he has earned not only the praise of Mike D'Antoni ("I'm trying to find something that I don't like about him," D'Antoni said recently), but also the starting center job, beating out Ronny Turiaf.
    What He Brings:
    Mozgov is big (7-foot-1, 250 pounds) and at 24 years old won't be intimidated by the NBA. He has the size to bang inside, but has a shooting touch he feels wasn't utilized by his coaches in Russia. Mozgov can step out and knock down the 10-to-15-foot jumper, but he'll need to work on his rebounding (a Knicks weakness last season), if he hopes to stay on the floor.
    Mozgov will begin the season as the starter, but D'Antoni has said the rotation will be fluid (Anthony Randolph will also get time at center when the Knicks want to go small). Mozgov has gone from virtual unknown to starter, which speaks volumes for his ability to pick things up. With all the attention going toward Amar'e Stoudemire and company, Mozgov should be able to get some easy buckets and put up some decent numb
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    Its a long season, but Mozgov has looked good so far!

    With Jordan Hill being such a bust, and Danillo not being consistient just yet Mozgov getting swooped up while no one was looking could redeheem our front office in my eyes in terms of their ability to find talent, especially if Douglas and Laundry Feilds continue to get better!

    Like the report said he needs to get better on the boards,which in my years of watching The NBA tends to be a talent either a player has or does not so we should know by the end of the season if he is/can become a rebounder.

    Because if he becomes even a just a good rebounder (lets say 9 a game) then he is the perfect compliment to Amare with his size and abillity to spread the floor with the jump shot!

    I was watching the Boston game at MSG again (I study games like this all the time) there was this play where Paul Pierce had to choose to help out of Mozgov or play off Gallo on the 3 point shot, he decided to double down on Mozgov and Felton found Gallo, now Gallo missed a wide open shot, but if that is an indication of what he do for this offense then we are going to be alright!

    Now this was just one play, and 3 plays later Timofey was on the bench for picking up his 3rd foul of the half, so there is still a lot of work to be done!
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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    The Gov can make AR 2nd team this year in what could be the best 'under the radar' rookie signing from Europe in a while.

    Much as with STAT, it's rebounds and D that'll set him apart from his comparative peers.

    My hopes statistically for Big T are:

    ◎ 9-10 PPG
    ◎ 8+ RPG
    ◎ 1.5+ BPG
    ◎ Roughly 1 SPG
    ◎ 5 PFs per game
    ◎ 2+ APG

    -He's good at boxing out, but so many times I've seen him take his eye of the ball and focus on the man he's clearing.

    -Sets hard picks and rolls quickly.

    -Finds offensive space well.

    -Needs to close the ball off by playing in front of his man defensively.

    Once his rebounding improves, the good outweighs the bad.
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    Mozgov has a bright future if injury doesn't hit him like many big mans do. But I'm still confused how someone with his size, quickness, and athleticism doesn't rebound the ball all the time.

    What does he need to do to become a better rebounder? He has everything you need to rebound the ball constantly. I'm thinking he needs to work on positioning himself and stay close inside. The defense the Knicks are playing is causing to play D away from the hoop, which is why I think is the real reason the Knicks can't rebound.

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    Lets also not forget how nice and crisp his passing has looked. The guy is going to be really good IMHO.

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    How many turnovers a game is this guy gonna average?


    not as many as Eddy Curry did a few years ago

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    He'll do good things when he's on the court but unfortunately it won't be for long periods of time since he's still getting adjusted to the way refs call fouls over here. Also, coaches will do their homework on Moz and have players go at him to draw fouls early.

    Overall I think he'll have a solid season with a few rough patches in between.
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    Landry Fields will be a top rook as well. It would be great to see Moz and Fields @ the rook vs soph game this year

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