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    Default Howard Beck Tweet: Fields To Start, AR Ankle Sprain, Gov Injures Hip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy8s View Post
    We'll find out for sure tomorrow.
    Real Talk

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    Default The mind controls the body.

    +1 (at least for 1 game) For Coach not playing favorites. Fields has shown a high BB IQ, good defense, passing skills, and good shot selection. He has earned a spot. Hopefully the rookie jitters don't get to him and he seizes the opportunity

    Of course this begs the question... how come a rookie impressed more than Chandler, Walker, & Mason? Well without Nate, Chandler is the best 6th man we have. I look for him to be a defensive specialist off the bench, not so much a scorer, althoug he can.

    Now to the Gov...

    What he needs is some Rebounding drills. Reb. is defense. And defense is a mind-set. He has to be trained to be tenacious. He has to learn to be relentless, that the ball belongs to HIM & HIS TEAM. To position himself and get to the rock at all costs. His team is relying on him. It starts with his mind.

    In practice & during drills, the Gov should go up against Amare & Turiaf and learn to FIGHT for rebounds. His training will be like a Pit-Bull. Docile yet has a killer instinct that he has not asserted yet. Once he begins to believe that his beastly streak is welcomed he will attack and defend the paint with vigor. Watch. All I'm looking for is that killer instinct and he's gonna be a problem.

    Again...+1 for coach getting defensive.

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