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Thread: Nba League Pass

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    Default Nba League Pass

    I'm gonna sign up for this pretty soon For broadband and I'm gonna get the 7 team package. Before I do, I was just wondering for the people that are getting it what teams are you going to get? I love how I have them on demand and can watch them anytime I want, thats cool.

    Teams I'm thinking about getting


    And My last one I'm really up in the air. I want to get the Timberwolves because I want to see Jonny Flynn and Wes Johnson play together But I think it might just be a waste because there gonna lose a ton of games. But those are my guys no matter what.

    The other ones I'm thinking about are the thunder (dont wanna be left out of the Kevin Durant games) Wizards (john wall madness) The Grizz (I know!!! Lol!!! But there young players are looking exciting to watch.

    I know theres a lot of teams I left out but those are the teams that I wanna watch for the most part. THOUGHTS??????

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    I'd go with the Warriors, always an exciting team to watch plus you can watch Lee and Curry who is bound to be a beast this year.

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