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    Raymond Felton's spread for the game against Toronto. A season with a similar stat line from Raymond will be enormous for NY's playoff aspirations.

    He shot 1-4 from deep and 6-14 overall which needs to improve. If he can drop 2-3 from range per game and establish himself as a threat, that'll provide a clearer passing lane, a better triple threat, a deadlier P&R and better ball movement.

    Hats off to Ray.

    Here's to a successful season.
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    his scoring and point production will improve, every game it seems he gets a better grasp of the system and its showing in his porduction( see his first couple of games in preseason-people were already calling for his head on here ). He's really gotten better and looks comfortable and is starting to get a good chemistry with STAT flowing. im content with him staying here in NY i see big things for him leading the point here. we add another dynamic piece( i,e., Melo) and we could have ourselves a very formidable trio

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    As expected really.... Most PGs see their lines bump a bit in this SSOL (worked for Nash and Duhon).

    I heard he was running all over the court. FINALLY, we have a fllor general in shape, who can run and push the rock.

    MY ONLY GRIPE.... Felton nearly blew the game. We had a 5 point lead, the ball, with about 1:25 remaining and Raymond chucks up a 3, barely wasting any shot clock. He basically ensured TOR an extra possession (or two).

    You have to run clock there, don't extend the game... Better to burn 22 seconds in that spot and miss a shot, then shoot a 3 with 18 seconds left on the shot clock.

    Foolish. Had Barbosa drained that 3, and TOR won in OT.... That aforementioned possession would have cost us a victory.

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