Man ohhhh man! i am excited! finally the season is ready to start! and we get a soft match up on opening night, this should be a cake walk for the knicks. I expect there to be some hiccups tho.

Our big men will dominate T.O.'s. Amir johnson is a decent defender, but he can't handle Amare. They will double him up leading to a lot of looks for both Felton and Gallo. I also expect with the focus going onto Amare defensively that Mozgov is poised to have a great debut.

Gallo will have his hands full this game and it's really going to be up to Amare and Felton to carry the load. We'll see how this goes, but i expect a knicks win.

Words can't really express how far Chris Bosh set back toronto. It's much worse then what happened with Vince Carter and their situation looks pretty dire for the next couple of years. As a Canadian myself, it's disappointing to see this line up. Watching the Knicks vs. Raptors is always fun up here cause i'm pretty much the only guy wearing blue and orange in a sea of red and white (and purple?). Last year they swept us and I was mocked for the teams failure to win against this friggin mickey mouse organization. This year, I expect the opposite.

Tonights game knicks win, 99-87.