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At this point I would rather LOSE with a healthy/ready Curry on the bench than have him be any part of our team. Sorry. He doesn't deserve it, and further our guys who have a fresh slate and earned minutes by coming to off-season practices and such don't deserve this dude back in the trenches with them.

You know... earn your keep! Sacrifice and assimilate like the team... no special treatment for this dude... big body or not.

Again, Gallo for as bad or limited or inconsistent as he is, better serves us to start along w/ Fields until at least Azibuke comes back.

1. They get a chance @ the beginning for a "heat check". Then Wilson spells them depending on their performance or match ups.

2. Remember Harrington.. the off bench scorer was his role. Gallo isn't fit for that, b/c then he would have a reason to chuck.

3. Our system is tiring. We need more closers like Wilson & Amare, not starters. In this system starters are over-rated cause major min's = gassed by the end.

Finally Coach is adapting. Cuddos for that. Gallo's role is perfect b/c the pressure is off. His back up is better @ everything except 3pt shooting and we don't need a 6th man for that unless we're way behind. Wilson is perfect for the 6th man, especially cause he's an egoless team player. Damn I think that means he's a valuable trade chip... o'well.
See this is a contridiction here, Red. You say NO special treatment for Eddy, he must earn his keep. That's fine. But then you say "Godson Gallo" isn't "fit" to come of the BENCH??? Why not??? Because he is "European"???

I like your "heatcheck idea." Bring Gallo off the BENCH and let him take a couple shots. If he hit the first one or two, then leave him in. Gallo can spell 2 or 3 just like Wil can. You saw Wil was checking Bargiani when he came off the bench. Gallo could do that as well. But if Gallo comes in shooting his usual bricks, pull his butt back out and put him back on the BENCH(where he belongs). Against better NBA teams, you cannot have a liability like Gallo on both ends of the floor. Gallo shot his normal brick house last night and got tore up by Gleiza.