Anything Yankee-related goes here until the season starts.

Alright, so we had a great year, obviously did not get the result we wanted but still nothing to be ashamed off- here's out current roster.

Derek Jeter- We need him and he needs us, but an obvious decline equals a big question mark on the price tag. He can't bat leadoff in the order anymore, so what will we do?

Mariano Rivera- He's got at least 2 years left and he is the GOAT closer, keep him.

Andy Pettitte- I have a feeling he will be back soon. I think he's got 2 more years left in the tank, he was having a career year before the injury. This if course depends on if he wants to retire of not.

Javier Vazquez- Bye bye.

Kerry Wood- A terrific pickup at the end of the year. If he wants to stay I am for it, but I feel he will want to be a closer and not a setup man.

Marcus Thames- His walkoff against Papelbitch earlier this year really made me like this guy. He could platoon with Posada as a DH, and he absolutely kills lefties. Before September he had a .300 BA and won a series against the whitesox pretty much by himself. Keep.

Big Free Agents the Yankees (or fans at least) are looking at

Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth- I l ike our outfield the way it is. Crawford may have a high BA but he barely draws walks for a leadoff guy and strikes out a lot. Werth has Boras as his agent and will be demanding A LOT of $$. I am content with Gardner going forward. Swisher I will keep, and Grandy's bat was beginning to come to life at the end of the year last season, and his Defense has always been good..

Cliff Lee- Ahh the big fish. He is going to want around a 6 year deal, and wants to stay with the Rangers. keep in mind he is 32 years old. I will pay him 20 mil plus per year if I was Cashman, but definitely not 6 years. 4 seems a lot more like it.