Key Match up: Every single one.

Inparticular though, we need the Gov's size VS an enormous and heavy Boston front court. Felton + Douglas defence VS Rondo is paramount to a victory as well

Pushing in transition against Boston, IMO, is absolutely crucial. We can outrun this team at every spot bar PG. Boston loves to play the half court on both ends, and they excel when they play at their pace. FAGS!

Ronnie's input has to match or exceed what it did against Toronto as well. We need his persona to ignite the second unit - or the first depending on how quickly the Gov fouls out.

Fields, again, needs to bring it against Gay Allen. He's a lot bigger than Gay, and has to hit the boards as the extra man contesting for us.

We're outmatched virtually at every position defensively, and, as I say, will have to run through Boston.

Rely on jumpers and it's a loss.

STAT will need his complete game and 12-14 boards. Early fouls will decimate any hopes of putting away the Lords Of The ****.

**** I hate Boston! All there machismo and dramatic poppy ****... Man...

This is an I hate Boston/game thread.