After going to Toronto to get a road win our schedule gets rough, tough, with oponents two to three times better than the Raptors. So we better attack Boston twice as hard as the "LebronLess" Cavs did to take it to a crunchtime game. Doing this may give us the team-confidence we been looking for to gain chemistry for our upcoming Knick schedule.
@ Raptors- won
@ Boston
Portland .... Home Opener!
Orlando ..... 2nd home game
@ Chicago
Washington .... a must win game, after playing the Bulls the night before
Philly ..... 4th home game
@ Bucks
GSW ..... 5th home game
@ Minny
Houston ..... after our 6th home game we go on a road trip for 4 games vs
Do u see us going on a 3 game win streak in our first 14 games?
Owner Dolan only cares about winning our home games (someone better whisper this to Dantoni).